Feature Demo Professional
Shape Count (Trees, animals, figures etc) Full Full
Font Count Full Full
Color Count Full Full
Register Dealer E-Mail as Sender - quotes No Yes
Category Count 1 Limitless
3D Modelset Count (top & bottom) 2 Limitless
See design details , logos, etc in vectorformat No Yes
Design Count 15 Limitless
Integrate Chat - Online Help Line No Yes
Monthly Quote Request Count 50 Limitless
  Free 50 € / Month
3D models (existing) per model 50 €
3D models (new- based on real patterns in .dxf) / 4 hours 200 €
Startup & integration one time fee 450 €
* Offline designs / monthly 50 €

* Offline Designs: You can use your favorite vector editing program (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape etc.) to create designs, and place the design onto 360° turning 3D model. Then share it's link to your customers.

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